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Valken V-12 Engine Nozzle

Available in various models!

Location: M1-B14
Article code: HA-VLKV12NOZZLE


Valken V-12 Engine Nozzle

A replacement nozzle for the V12 Airsoft HPA engine

*Available in various models
*To change the fps range on the V12 engine

Estimated FPS Value (120PSI, 6.07mm, 0.20g)
Barrel Lengte
Black Nozzle
Silver Nozzle
Gold Nozzle
Red Nozzle
±383 FPS
±408 FPS
±437 FPS
±438 FPS
±403 FPS
±431 FPS
±449 FPS
±461 FPS
±437 FPS
±461 FPS
±485 FPS
±496 FPS
±438 FPS
±473 FPS
±496 FPS
±509 FPS
*Please note! Actual results may vary!

This article is available in various models

Valken V12 Engine Nozzle 115-Silver
Limited M1-B14 63798
€ 19.00
Valken V12 Engine Nozzle 130-Gold
Limited M1-B14 63804
€ 19.00
Valken V12 Engine Nozzle 160-Red
Limited M1-B14 63811
€ 19.00