Airgun Repair

Unit 13 Technical Department
In addition to buying an air rifle, you can also come by for repairs to your air rifle at Unit13 shop in Nuth in Limburg.
Our technical service is trained in the maintenance and repair of your air rifles and are always ready to answer your questions.
It doesn't matter whether it's a break barrel, pump or pcp rifle.

The brands we have experience in are: Hatsan, Gamo, Evanix Diana and more!
You can also contact us for adjusting your scope
If your air rifle is defective or needs servicing,
Then make sure you bring this:

  • A sealed bag for your air rifle
  • That everything is delivered Complete
  • That the air rifle is not cocked

For repairs on your airsoft gun: Click Here!

Our prices:

Our Service
Starting price
Repair / Maitenance
Scope Adjusting