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Openingshours Unit 13 Shop:
Sunday and monday
Tuesday t/m Friday
Open from 12:00 hours 'till 17:00 hours Gunstore till 16:30
Open from 9:00 hours 'till 17:00 hours  Gunstore till 16:30

Vacation Time Note :

from 29 july until 4 august 2019 the gunstore will be closed
Please note the supply store is open on regulare times as also the online shop

Openinghours Unit 13 Events:
Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Sunday
Open from 12:00 hours 'till 21:30 hours

Shop & visitor address:
Nusterweg 66, Sittard
6136 XB

Administration Address:
Postbus 375
6130AJ Sittard