ICS APE Series

Spare part broken or missing? Here you can find all ICS APE series body parts.

ICS APE Stock Button

Available MA-292
€ 3.65

ICS APE Handguard Pin

limited available MA-302
€ 4.35

ICS APE Charging Handle

Out of stock MA-299
€ 5.99

ICS APE Magazine Release Button

Out of stock MA-287
€ 9.20

ICS APE Rear Receiver Pin

Available MA-290
€ 9.45

ICS APE Barrel Ring

Available MA-303
€ 10.50

ICS APE Pistol Grip Black

limited available MA-288
€ 11.75

ICS APE Pistol Grip TAN

limited available MA-306
€ 11.75

ICS APE Gas Tube Retainer Set

Pre order MA-304
€ 13.80

ICS APE Front Sight Set

Pre order MA-298
€ 18.15

ICS APE Charging Handle Base

limited available MA-300
€ 29.95

ICS APE Lower Receiver Black

Pre order MA-286
€ 72.90

ICS APE Lower Receiver Set TAN

Pre order MA-305
€ 72.90

ICS APE Stock Black

limited available MA-291
€ 80.25


Pre order MA-307
€ 80.25

ICS APE Handguard Set Black

Pre order MA-301
€ 91.30

ICS APE Handguard Set TAN

Pre order MA-309
€ 91.30

ICS APE Upper Receiver Set Black

Pre order MA-297
€ 182.40

ICS APE Upper Receiver Set TAN

Pre order MA-308
€ 182.40