Repairs on your gun

Unit 13 Technical Department
Also for upgrade and repairs on your fire armor airsoft gun you can count on us!
Our technical department is specializes in repairs, upgrades and maintenance of airsoft replicas, but we also have the knowledge to maintain and repair firearms.
Should your firearm or airsoft gun be defective and you need to leave it for repair, Please take with you:
  • A locked case
  • Make sure its complete
  • If needed your Licenses

For airsoft repairs / upgraddes we only accept replica's of the following brands:
  • ICS
  • ASG
  • G&G
  • Evolution
  • Krytac
  • Ares / Amoeba
  • Tokyo Marui (only warranty)
  • Wetech

NB! For repairs/upgrades, our technical department will first need to check whether this is possible. Are you coming from far? Please contact us first!
Would you like to send your replica/gun to us for a repair/upgrade? Please contact us first before you send a package, otherwise the package will not be accepted.

For repairs on your airgun: Click Here!

Our prices:

Our Service
Starting Price
Repair / Maitenance / Upgrade
Small soldering work

Technical Guide
Here are some technical guides that could help you on your way.
Please note, they are currently only available in dutch!

»Do you do repairs as well?

Yes! You can contact our technical service for your repairs.

»Until what time can I bring/pick up my replica

Our standard opening hours for the technical service are from Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 4.30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4.30 pm

For current opening hours, click here!

»What replicas do you repair?

We do all brands that we sell ourselves and possibly also brands that we do not sell, but this is in consultation with the technical service

»Can I also send my replica for repair?

Repairs can always be sent in, but first contact the technical service using the form below

»I don't have a NABV pass, can I have an airsoft gun repaired?

No. Within the Netherlands you are required to be a member of a recognized association to be allowed to own an Airsoft weapon. If you still own an Airsoft weapon, without a membership of, for example, the NABV, then you are legally punishable (Illegal possession of weapons!).

As a foreigner you only need an exemption to transport it. We will arrange this for you in the store when you pick up the repair. Further regulations regarding Airsoft are up to you to find out yourself in your country.

»How long will the repair take?

We always have a waiting time, which can vary depending on how busy it is, of at least 1 week.

»Is the repair under warranty?

Everything we have done on the replica is guaranteed for 6 months.

»My question is not listed here...?

No problem! Use our contact form on the contact page