Pump Airgun

In this category you will find all pump airguns that we have in our assortment.
As the name suggests, you need to pump before you can fire a pellet. They have a built-in pressurechamber where more pressure is built up after every pump stroke.
The most pump airguns can pump up to 10 times. So you can decide how much pressure you want to built-up for your shot. This is also a disadvantage, because after every pump stroke it becomes heavier to pump.
A great advantage of the pump airgun is that it doesn't use a piston that shoots forward, so after every shot you have minimal recoil. Another advantage is that these airguns are pretty light because they don't contain many parts.

Do you want to use a pump airgun for shooting competitions, then beware of the fact you need to pump after every shot. So it's not the most ideal airgun to use, for this you can better use a PCP airgun.