Gas & Co2

Airsoft Gas Tips:
There are different types of Airsoft gas. Gas is temperature sensitive, so the performance fluctuates on different temperatures.
For every replica and purpose are different kinds of gas.
Too powerfull gas can damage your replica, if your replica is not made for this.
Below, we explain the differences.

Type gassen:
Many brands are switching to the following format for labeling their gas bottle on power:
1.0 or Blue Gas
2.0 or Green Gas
3.0 or Red Gas
4.0 or Black Gas
Most gas bottles have a mix of silicone in them, so your gun gets some lubrication while firing.

1.0 / Blue Gas
1.0/Blue gas is the least powerfull gas that's being used..
This gas is mainly used for airsoft GBB guns that have a plastic slide. So this gas is very suitable for brands like: Tokyo Marui
Example of gas pressure from Nimrod: 116PSI / 8BAR (@20celsius)

2.0 / Green Gas
2.0/Green gas is a middle strong gas and is the most seen and used gas on the field.
The most modern gas replica's work very well on this type of gas. Do note, that at high temperatures, this gas can sometimes be too strong for your replica (plastic slide)!
Example of gas pressure from Nimrod: 145PSI / 10BAR (@20celsius)

3.0 / Red Gas
3.0/Red gas is more powerfull then Green Gas. This gas is mainly used during colder periodes (fall/winter) where you need more power to compensate the cold.
This gas is often used for special replica's like sniper rifles and full-auto gas replica's
Example of gas pressure from Nimrod: 174PSI / 12BAR (@20celsius)

4.0 / Black Gas
4.0/Black Gas is the strongest gas that's being used in GBB guns.
This type of gas is mainly used during freezing temperatures. But can also be used to increase your FPS.
Because this is one of the strongest types of gas, not every GBB gun can use this type of gas.
Example of gas pressure from Nimrod: 203PSI / 14BAR (@20celsius)