Repairs on your gun

Unit 13 Technical Department
Also for upgrade and repairs on your fire arm, airgun or airsoft gun you can count on us!
Our technical department is specializes in repairs, upgrades and maintenance of airsoft replicas, but we also have the knowledge to maintain and repair firearms and airguns.
Should your firearm, airgun or airsoft gun be defective and you need to leave it for repair, Please take with you:
  • A locked case
  • Make sure its complete
  • If needed your Licenses

If you have any questions about repairs please contact

Our prices:

Our Service
Starting Price
Repair / Maitenance / Upgrade
Small soldering work
Gas/co2 leak
Feedlip/follower Replacement

Unit13 Indoor Shooting range
Would you like to fine tune your airgun or airsoft gun? Or adjust your new scope?
Why not make use of our shooting range! We have 4 shooting lanes with target of 20m, 40m, 50m, and 70m!
For more information see

Technical Guide
Here are some technical guides that could help you on your way.
Please note, they are currently only available in dutch!