General Terms and Conditions

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Article 1  - Definitions
Article 2  - The Entrepreneur’s identity
Article 3  - Applicability
Article 4  - The offer
Article 5  - The agreement
Article 6  - Right of withdrawal
Article 7  - Costs in case of withdrawal
Article 8  - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal
Article 9 - The price
Article 10 - Compliance and extra guaranty
Article 11 - Delivery and execution
Article 12 - Continuing performance contract: duration, termination and extension
Article 13 - Payment
Article 14 - Complaints procedure
Article 15 - Disputes
Article 16 - Supplementary or deviating terms and conditions
Article 17 - Repair service and voiding of warranty
Article 18 - Gift- and Discount Coupons (Coupons)
Article 19 - Shipping Replicas
Article 20- Airsoft Guns, Knives, Airguns and Firearms
Article 21 - Firearms and munition
Article 22 - Information / Privacy
Article 23 - Issued loan replica from Unit 13

Article 1 – Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
1.Reflection period: the period during which the Consumer may use his right of withdrawal;
2.Consumer: the natural person who does not act for purposes related to his/her commercial, trade, craft or professional activities;
3.Day: calendar day;
4.Continuing performance contract: a contract serving to deliver goods, services and/or digital content in a given period;
5.Sustainable data carrier: any means, including email, that allow the Consumer or the Entrepreneur to store information directed to him/her personally in such a manner that makes future consultation and use possible during a period that matches the purpose for which the information is destined and which makes unaltered reproduction of the stored information possible.
6.Right of withdrawal: the Consumer’s option not to proceed with the distance agreement within the cooling-off period;
7.Entrepreneur: the natural of legal person who is a member of Nederlandse Thuiswinkel Organisatie and who provides products  and/or services to Consumers at a distance;
8.Distance contract: a contract concluded by the Entrepreneur and the Consumer within the scope of an organized system for distance selling products and/or services, whereby exclusive or additional use is made of one or more technologies of distance communication up to the conclusion of the contract;
9.Technology for distance communication: a means to be used for concluding an agreement without the Consumer and the Entrepreneur being together in the same place at the same time.
10.Reservation: Setting apart an item, without the obligation of sale, or any kind of other costs, for a duration of 7 working days.

Article 2 – The Entrepreneur’s identity
Name Entrepreneur: Unit 13 Shop B.V. (Part of Unit 13-Enterprises)
Entrepreneur Number: 62037048
VAT number: NL8546.09.507.B01

Company Address:
Thermiekstraat 12


Company Name: Unit13-Enterprises
VAT Number: 854.609.052.B01
KVK Nederland: 62036238

Official Company Address:
Thermiekstraat 12

Trading under the name / names: Unit 13 shop / Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures ( /

Article 3 – Applicability
3.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to any offer from the Entrepreneur and to any distance contract concluded by the Entrepreneur and the Consumer.
3.2 Before concluding a distance contract, the Entrepreneur shall make the text of these General Terms and Conditions available free of charge and as soon as possible. If this is reasonably impossible, the Entrepreneur shall indicate in what way the General Terms and conditions can be inspected and that they will be sent free of charge if so requested, before the distant contract is concluded.  
3.3 If the distance contract is concluded electronically, the text of these General Terms and Conditions, in deviation from the previous section and before the distance contract is concluded, may also be supplied to the Consumer electronically in such a way that the Consumer can easily store it on a long-term data carrier. If this is reasonably impossible, it will be specified where the General Terms and Conditions can be viewed electronically and that they will be sent to at the Consumer´s request free of charge, either via electronic means or otherwise, before concluding the distance contract;
3.4 In the event that specific product or service condition apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions, the second and third paragraphs shall apply accordingly, and in the event of contradictory terms and conditions, the Consumer may always appeal to the applicable provision that is most favorable to him/her.

Article 4 – The offer
4.1 If an offer is of limited duration or if certain conditions apply, it shall be explicitly stated in the offer.
4.2 The offer contains a full and accurate description of the products, digital content and/or services offered. The description is suitably detailed to enable the Consumer to assess the products, or services and/or digital content adequately. If the Entrepreneur makes use of pictures, they are truthful images of the products and/or services provided. Obvious errors or mistakes in the offer do not bind the Entrepreneur.
4.3 All offers contain such information that it is clear to the Consumer what rights and obligations are attached to accepting the offer. This concerns in particular:
       the price including taxes;
       any costs of delivery;
       the manner in which the agreement will be achieved and what actions are required;
       whether to apply the right of withdrawal;
       the method of payment, delivery or performance of the contract;
       The deadline for accepting the offer, or the deadline for adhering to the price;
       the level of the rate of distance communication if the costs of using the technology for distance communication are calculated on a basis other than the basic rate of communication;
       whether the agreement after the adoption is filed, and how to consult these consumers if so;
       the way the consumer before the conclusion of the contract, the information provided by him under the agreement can check and repair if required;
       any other languages, including Dutch, the contract can be concluded;
       the conduct to which the trader is subject and the way in which the consumer can consult these behavioral codes electronically;
       the minimum duration of the distance contract in the event of an Continuing performance contract.

Article 5 – The contract
5.1 Subject to the provisions in paragraph 4, the contract becomes valid when the Consumer has accepted the offer and fulfilled the terms and conditions set.
5.2 If the Consumer accepted the offer via electronic means, the Entrepreneur shall promptly confirm receipt of having accepted the offer via electronic means. As long as the receipt of said acceptance has not been confirmed, the Consumer may repudiate the contract.
5.3 If the contract is concluded electronically, the Entrepreneur will take appropriate technical and organizational security measures for the electronic data transfer and ensure a safe web environment. If the Consumer can pay electronically, the Entrepreneur shall observe appropriate security measures.
5.4 The Entrepreneur may, within the limits of the law, gather information about Consumer’s ability to fulfill his payment obligations, and all facts and factors relevant to responsibly concluding the distance contract. If, acting on the results of this investigation, the Entrepreneur has sound reasons for not concluding the contract, he is lawfully entitled to refuse an order or request supported by reasons, or to attach special terms to the implementation.
5.5 Before delivering the product, the Entrepreneur shall send the following information along with the product, the service or the digital content in writing or in such manner that the Consumer can store it in an accessible manner on a long-term data carrier:
       a. the visiting address of the Entrepreneur´s business establishment where the Consumer may get into contact with any complaints;
       b. the conditions on which and the manner in which the Consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal, or, as the case may be, clear information about his being exempted from the right of withdrawal;
       c. the information corresponding to existing after-sales services and guarantees;
       d. The in Article 4 paragraph 3 stated details of these conditions, unless the entrepreneur has provided these details to the consumer before the execution of the contract
       e. the requirements for cancelling the contract if the contract has a duration of more than one year or for an indefinite period of time.
5.6 In the event of an extended transaction is the stipulation in the previous paragraph shall apply only to the first delivery.

Article 6 – Right of withdrawal
In case of products:
6.1 When purchasing products online through the web shop, the consumer has the option to dissolve the agreement without giving reasons within 14 days.
This 14 day period starts on the day of sale (invoice date) or on a day designated in advance by the consumer and the representative announced to the entrepreneur.
6.2 During this period you can do whatever is necessary to assess the product.
You are allowed to try out the product as you would in a physical store. In addition, you can remove the product from the packaging, unless the packaging contains a seal, in that case you can only view it, if the seal is broken you cannot return it.
If you have done more than was necessary to assess the product, we may charge you for this. If you use your right of withdrawal, he will return the product with all accessories supplied and in the original condition and packaging to the entrepreneur, in accordance with the clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur, without damage.
6.3 If the conditions for return as stated in 6.1 and 6.2 are met, you have the option if it was purchased online via the webshop to receive your purchase money back by bank or, if indicated, a credit.
If you have physically purchased the product in our store, you have the option to exchange your product or receive a credit (Art.18), for returning we use the legislation regarding consumer rights.
In case of services:
6.4 The Consumer can terminate an agreement for services without giving reasons during at least 14 days.
6.5 In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the Consumer must appoint to the reasonable and clear instructions as provided at the offer and/or at latest at delivery submitted by the entrepreneur.

Article 7 – Costs in case of withdrawal
7.1 In the event that the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, the costs at maximum of return shipping, pick & pack (administration) will be accounted for with the Consumer’s.
7.2 If the consumer has paid an amount, the Entrepreneur will pay this amount back as soon as possible, but at most within 30 days of the withdrawal.
7.3 The Consumer is not liable for the decrease in value of the product if the Entrepreneur has not provided him with all legal information about the right of withdrawal before concluding the Agreement.

Article 8 - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal
8.1 The entrepreneur may exclude the right of withdrawal from the consumer to the extent provided in paragraph 2 and 3. The exclusion of the right of withdrawal is only valid if the entrepreneur clearly stated this in the offer, at least prior to the conclusion of the agreement.
8.2 Exclusion of the right of withdrawal is only possible for products:
       a. which have been established by the entrepreneur, in accordance with the Consumers specifications;
       b. which are clearly personal in nature; (special order / Preorder)
       c. which due to its nature, cannot be returned (products with a hygienic nature, in direct contact with skin)
       d. which can quickly deteriorate or expire;
       e. whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the entrepreneur has no influence;
       f. for individual newspapers and magazines;
       g. parts which the consumer has broken the seal or installed
8.3 Exclusion of the right of withdrawal is only applicable for services:
       a. regarding accommodation, transport, catering or leisure activities on a certain date or during a specific period;
       b. where the delivery, with explicit consent of the consumer, has started before the reflection period has expired;
       c. regarding contests and lotteries.

Article 9 - The price
9.1 The prices of the products and/or services provided shall not be raised during the validity period given in the offer, subject to changes in price due to changes in VAT rates.
9.2 Contrary to the previous paragraph, the Entrepreneur may offer products or services whose prices are subject to fluctuations in the financial market that are beyond the Entrepreneur’s control, at variable prices. The offer will state the possibility of being subject to fluctuations and the fact that any indicated prices are target prices.
9.3 Price increases within 3 months after concluding the contract are permitted only if they are the result of new legislation.
9.4 Price increases from 3 months after concluding the contract are permitted only if the Entrepreneur has stipulated it and
a. they are the result of legal regulations or stipulations, or
b. the Consumer has the authority to cancel the contract before the day on which the price increase starts.
9.5 All prices indicated in the provision of products or services are including VAT.

Article 10 – Performance of an agreement and extra Guarantee
10.1 The Entrepreneur guarantees that the products and/or services comply with the contract, with the specifications listed in the offer, with reasonable requirements of usability and/or reliability and with the existing statutory provisions and/or government regulations on the day the contract was concluded. If agreed, the Entrepreneur also guarantees that the product is suitable for other than normal use.
10.2 An extra guarantee offered by the Entrepreneur, his Supplier, Manufacturer or Importer shall never affect the rights and claims the Consumer may exercise against the Entrepreneur on grounds of the agreement.
10.3 Only standard shippingcosts will be reimbursed. Courier service or other extra insurance will not be reimbursed by us.

Article 11 – Delivery and execution
11.1 The Entrepreneur shall exercise the best possible care when booking orders and executing product orders and when assessing requests for the provision of services.
11.2 The place of delivery is at the address or choice given by the Consumer to the Entrepreneur.
11.3 With due observance of the stipulations in Article 4 of these General Terms and Conditions, the Entrepreneur shall execute accepted orders with convenient speed but at least within 30 days, unless another delivery period was agreed on. If the delivery has been delayed, or if an order cannot be filled or can be filled only partially, the Consumer shall be informed about this within one month after ordering. In such cases, the Consumer is entitled to repudiate the contract free of charge and with the right to possible compensation.
11.4 After repudiation in conformity with the preceding paragraph, the Entrepreneur shall return the payment made by the Consumer promptly but at least within 30 days after repudiation.
11.5 If the delivery of the product deems impossible, the entrepreneur will strive to provide a replacement product. Not later than the delivery, a clear and understandable notification will be provided that a replacement item will be supplied. When a replacement product, the rights of withdrawal cannot be excluded. The costs of possible return shipping shall be for the costs of the entrepreneur.
11.6 The risk of loss and/or damage to products will be borne by the Entrepreneur until the time of delivery to the Consumer or a representative appointed in advance and made known to the Consumer, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.  

Article 12 – Continuing performance agreements
12.1 The Consumer may at all times terminate a contract that was concluded for an indefinite time, with due observance of the termination rules and subject to not more than one month’s notice, unless otherwise noted.
12.2 If it is agreed that the Continuing performance agreement will be extended if the consumer has given its tacit approval, the agreement will be continued as an agreement for indefinite time, and the cancellation term after the continuation of the agreement will be at a maximum of one month.

Article 13 – Payment
13.1 Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement, all costs owed be the consumer needs to be arranged prior to the sale.
13.2 If there is an agreement regarding a service, the term will start after the consumer has received the confirmation of the agreement.
13.3 With the sale of products to consumers a deposit exceeding 50% can never be stipulated in the general terms and conditions. If a payment in advance is agreed, the consumer may not assert any rights regarding the execution of the order or service (s), before the advance payment has been made. Upon delivery, the remaining costs need to be paid, unless otherwise noted.
13.4 The Consumer has the duty to report any inaccuracies  in the data specified or supplied payment details immediately to the entrepreneur.
13.5 In the event of a payment default of the Consumer, the entrepreneur subject to statutory limitations, has the right to account the prior known reasonable costs. PLease note until this time the products still remain from Unit 13.

Article 14 – Complaints procedure
14.1 The Entrepreneur shall have a sufficiently notified complaints procedure in place, and shall handle the complaint in accordance with this complaint procedure.
14.2 Complaints about the performance of the contract shall be submitted fully and clearly described to the Entrepreneur within a reasonable time after the Consumer discovered the defects
14.3 The complaints submitted to the Entrepreneur shall be replied within a period of 7 days after the date of receipt. Should a complaint require a foreseeable longer time for handling, the Entrepreneur shall respond within 14 days with a notice of receipt and an indication when the Consumer can expect a more detailed reply.
14.4 If the complaint cannot be solved in joint consultation within a reasonable
time or within 3 months after submitting the complaint, there will be a dispute that is open to the dispute settlement rules.

Article 15 - Disputes
15.1 Contracts between the Entrepreneur and the Consumer to which these General Terms and Conditions apply, are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
15.2 With due observance of the provisions set out below, the disputes between the Consumer and the Entrepreneur about the formation or the performance of contracts related to products or services that the Entrepreneur must deliver or has already delivered can be submitted by both the Consumer and the Entrepreneur to the Disputes Committee[Geschillencommissie]
15.3 A dispute is handled by the Disputes Committee [Geschillencommissie] only if the Consumer submitted his/her complaint to the Entrepreneur within a reasonable period.
15.4 The Disputes Committee will not handle a dispute or will discontinue handling it if the Entrepreneur is granted a moratorium, goes bankrupt or actually ended his business activities.

Article 16 – Supplementary or deviating terms and conditions
17.1 Supplementary or exceptional provisions of these terms may not be to the disadvantage of the consumer and should be noted in writing and/or in such a way that they can be stored on a durable medium for Consumers in an accessible way.
17.2 Replica’s in our shop are explicitly for 18 years and older. Access to the shop is therefore also explicitly for 18 years and older, no exceptions.
17.3 In cooperation with Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures, both terms and conditions will be followed. (Click here for the Terms and Conditions of Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures)

Article 17 – Repair service and voiding of warranty
18.1 When you pick up a repaired/down/upgraded replica on location or at an open event, you must have completed the payment in advance.
18.2 When upgrading a newly purchased Airsoft Gun,airrifle, firearm at the Unit 13 Shop, the warranty (6 months) is voided and we will only cover replaced parts that have been bought at the Unit 13 Shop as long as they have been installed by the Unit 13 Technical Department.
18.3 No rights can be derived from any advice that is supplied by the Technical Department and Unit 13 does not remain liable for any possible damages resulting there from.
18.4 The standard warranty period is 6 months on most products, unless noted differently. Warranty is void if:
       a. there is abnormal use, or use that is not recommended by Unit 13.
       b. there is damage to one or multiple parts due to poor quality BB’s pallets or ammo
       c. batteries are used that are not recommended by Unit 13  (Up to 9.6v is supported unless specifically noted);
       d. modifications are made outside of the Unit 13 Technical Department.
18.5 Warranty claims will be determined by the Unit 13 Technical Department. If the warranty is void, a standard hour-rate will be charged for the purpose of research costs.

Article 18- Gift- and Discount Coupons (Coupons)
18.1 A Coupon or restvalue therof, cannot be exchanged for cash.
18.2 After the expiration date, the coupon is no longer returnable (1 year).
18.3 If the product value exceeds the coupon value, the difference must be paid.
18.4 If a coupon is used in an transaction, a coupon will always be issued if a product in said transaction is withdrawn during the revocation period.
18.5 Only one coupon can be used per transaction.
18.6 It is not allowed to alter, forge, undermine or otherwise affect the working of the coupon
18.7 Every attempt of fraud or otherwise unauthorized acts will be registered and will result in denial of service of the use of coupons
18.8 A Coupon can only be used in the Unit 13 Shop (Not valid for Unit Catering)
18.9 Coupons / gift certificates cannot be used at repair orders
18,10 It is not possible to use a voucher or discount coupon when purchasing a new coupon or discount coupon (discount on discount)

Article 19 - Shipping Replicas
19.1 The shipping of replicas is only possible to customers in possession of the needed licenses conform local laws. The consumer is responsible for supplying and processing all needed papers.
19.2 The FPS values can vary per product (100 FPS Margin)
19.3 The consumer is responsible for the correct receival of the product.

Article 20- Airsoft Guns, Knives, Airguns and Firearms
20.1 You need to be 18 old to buy Knives online in the webshop. The laws regarding weapons and munitions also apply  (click here)

Article 21 - Firearms and munition
21.1 Munition, primers and (gun)powder cannot be sent to a foreign country. You will need to provide an exportlicense. After receiving this, you can contact us to place an order.
21.2 Firearms are licenced weapons. To purchase a firearm, a permit is needed (WM4). Furthermore, the buyer needs to be member of a shooting association for atleast 12 months and need to be sufficiently proficient in handeling firearms.
21.3 Muntion is only available with a permit, and can only be purchased upon handing a valid permit.

Article 22 - Information / Privacy
22.1 Unit 13 spends a lot of attention to the information that is provided. However, it is possible that typo's or otherwise misinformation is provided. For those faults, we hold no liability. All informations is therefore reserved for print- and typing errors.
22.2 Unit 13 can process personal information about you, since you are using Unit 13's services and/or because you have provided this by filling in a form on the Unit 13 website. Unit 13 can process the following:
       - Your first and last name
       - Your address
       - Your phonenumber
       - Your e-mailaddress
       - Your IP-address
       - Your licence/ID
22.3 Unit 13 processes your personal details to contact you by phone if you request that, and/or to contact you in writing (email and/or post) if you could not be reached by phone. Unit 13 can use your personal details to fulfil the closed agreement.
22.4 Unit 13 strictly preserves your personal details for as long as deemed neccisary to fulfil its purpose for which the details were aquired. Conform the WWM (Dutch Law regarding Weapons and Munitions), WWM Registrations will be keeped for a maximum of 7 years.
22.5 Unit 13 only provides your personal details to a third-party if its required for the execution of an agreement with you, or to comply to laws.
22.6 On the Unit 13 website visitor details are tracked, like the IP-address of your computer and the time of visit and the details your browser provides. These details are uses for analytics of visitor and click behaviour on the website. Unit 13 uses this information to improve the function of the website. These details will be anonymised as much as possible and will not be provided to third parties.
22.7 You have the right to look into your personal details, correct or delete them. You can send us a request for checking, correcting or removing your personal details. Unit 13 will react on your request as soonas possible, but within 4 weeks.
22.8 Unit 13 takes the protection of your details seriously and takes specific countermeasures to avoid misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publicity and unlawful changes. The Unit 13 Website uses a trustworthy SSL Certificate to secure your details from falling in the wrong hands.
22.9 The consumer agrees with the possibility of providing details to:
       Kiyoh (Review system)
       Mailcampaigns (Newsletter)
       Tripadvisor (Sales)


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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED to © Unit 13 Enterprises BV