Training Knives

Here you can find training knifes and bajonets for the quiet knife kills and a more realistic experience.

Plastic bajonet for M16 desert

Available TD013 TN
€ 8.95

Plastic bayonet for M16 black

Available TD013 BK
€ 8.95

Emerson 141 training knife Desert

Out of stock EM3331A
€ 12.50

Cold Steel Leatherneck Trainer

Out of stock 92R39LSF
€ 14.50

Cold Steel Peace Keeper I Trainer

Out of stock 92R10D
€ 14.50

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Trainer

Out of stock 92R13RT
€ 14.50

Cold Steel Laredo Bowie Trainer

Available 92R16CCB
€ 16.95

Valken Tactical Bajonet Black

Available 72349
€ 16.95

Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet Trainer

Out of stock 92BKAXG
€ 22.50

Cold Steel O Tanto Bokken

Available CS 92BKKA
€ 26.95

Cold Steel Wakazashi Bokken

Available CS 92BKKB
€ 39.95

Cold Steel O Bokken

Available CS 92BKKD
€ 58.95