Gas & Co2

Airsoft Gas Tips:
There are different types of Airsoft gas.
However, which one do you need?
Per replica and goal, there are different types of gasses.
Too powerfull gas can damage your replica, if your replica is not made for this.
Below, we explain the differences.

Green/Ultra Gas:
Green/Ultra gas is a medium power gas, often already lubricated.
This is the most common gas for GBB (Gas Blow Back) replica's.
The most modern gas replica's work very well on this type of gas. Do note, that at high temperatures, this gas can sometimes be too strong for your replica!
Example: Above 15°C Green Gas Classic & beneath 15°C Green Gas Power Up

Red/orange Power Gas:
Red/Power gas is one of the strongest gas.
Often, this is unlubricated.
This gas is often used for special replica's like sniper rifles and full-auto gas replica's/
This gas is also often used in winter periods, where higher powered gas is needed.
Do note, this gas is not ment for standard gas replica's!