Frequently Asked Questions

»Is everything online, in stock?

Yes! Our shop has everything in stock, unless otherwise specified.

You can tell by the icons:

Pre-OrderPre-order, only available on special order.(Not in stock!! Delivery time unknown)

Not in stockNot in stock at the moment

Limited stock availableLimited stock available in our shop

In stockPlenty of stock available in our shop

»What are your openingshours?

Our standard shop opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 5 PM (4.30 PM gunstore) and Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM (4.30 PM gunstore)

For our current openingshours, Click here!

»What are the available paymentmethods?

There are different possibilities to pay in our online webshop. Click here for more information.

»What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs may differ per product. Our webshop displays the shippingcosts at the checkout.

»I don't have an NABV membership. Am I allowed to purchase an Airsoft replica?

No. As a dutch citizen, you are required to be member of an accepted association to be able to own an Airsoft replica. If you do have an Airsoft replica in your possesion, without a membership of for example the NABV, then you are punishable by law (Illegal possession of weapons).

As a foreigner, you only need an exemption for transport. we will arrange this in the shop for you. Further laws regarding Airsoft legality are up to you to check out in your applicable country.

»When do I receive my order?

We ship out your order directly after we receive your payment (Same day shipping, if you order before 12:00 hours)

We ship with PostNL/EMS/DHL.

Shipping confirmations will be sent in the afternoon/evening. You will receive a track and trace code via E-mail, with which you can follow your order online.

»How can I return my product?

For more information if you want to return something to us Click here

»How long do I have a Warranty and can I exchange a product?

Is something not quite up to your satisfaction, or broken? You have a 6 months warranty period and a 2 week trial period (with online orders). Always contact us if something is wrong. Check our "Terms and Conditions", for more info.

»I received an incorrect delivery

In case of a delivery error, please email us at or call with our customer service. Please do not forget to mention your invoicenumber or ordernumber in the email!

»Can you reserve an Airsoft Replica for me?

You can reserve an airsoft replica online through our website! We will hold it for a maximum of a week.

To do this, add the airsoft gun to your shopping cart and select "Cash/PIN at pickup" at the checkout.

»Can I come to your store with my airsoft gun?

Yes this is allowed, but make sure that your weapon is in a closed bag or suitcase! bring your NABV too! if you come from abroad, you do not need a NABV.

»Do you also ship airsoft guns ?

Yes we do! We ship out worldwide. To send out an airsoft gun , there are some specific requirements.

You need to take in account of the local laws regarding your delivery address.


-You need a valid NABV Membership

-You need a valid ID

-You can only ship an airsoft gun to the address on your registered NABV membership (So not to a drop-off location!)


-You need a valid ID

-You need to be able to provide any other, for your country specific, exemptions/permits.

We only ship out orders with airsoft guns after we receive all needed papers.

»My questions are not answered here...?

No problem! Use our contact form on the contact page!

Or call us:

Customer Service from 9:00 till 17:00 hours

Shop Nuth: +31 (0) 85 2 01 9591