Air Nozzles

Air Nozzles feed BB's to the hop up unit, and airtight sealing the cylinder to the barrel.
Upgrade Air (seal) Nozzles often have internal o-rings for a better seal and minimum leakage.
Another type is Bore Up, with a larget innerdiameter. This enables a larger airflow. Please Note! For this, you would need a Bore Up Cylinderhead, Bore up Pistonhead and a Bore Up Cylinder!

Dream Army Air Seal Nozzle MP5 AEG

Out of stock VF0210F
€ 5.95 € 2.50

ICS MX5/M4 Series Nozzle

Available MP-23
€ 4.50

Perun NBU Nozzle O-Ring
Available in 2 variants!

€ 4.50

ICS APE Nozzle

Available MA-295
€ 4.75

G&G Air Nozzle for CM16

Limited G-17-010
€ 5.25

G&G Air Nozzle for CM RK47

Limited G-17-009
€ 5.50

G&G Air Nozzle for GR25

Available G-17-003
€ 5.80

Perun Nozz-X 19-23mm Nozzle

€ 5.95

Perun Nozz-X 22,5-26,5mm Nozzle

€ 5.95

ICS G33 Nozzle

Limited MH-31
€ 6.00

G&G Air Nozzle for EGM

Limited G-17-005
€ 6.50

G&G Air Nozzle for FS51

Available G-17-008
€ 6.50

G&G Air Nozzle for GF76

Available G-17-013
€ 6.50

G&G Air Nozzle for L85

Available G-17-006
€ 6.50

G&G Air Nozzle for RK/RK99

Limited G-17-004
€ 6.50

G&G Air Nozzle for SG550

Available G-17-012
€ 6.50

Ultimate Air Seal Nozzle AK

Available 16649
€ 6.50