Cutoff Levers

The Cut Off Lever interrupts the trigger after each shot. This ensures the Single Shot function.
In the Full Automatic mode, this Cut Off Lever is bypassed.

ICS L85 Cut Off Lever

Available ML-42
€ 6.90

MODIFY Cut Off Lever Ver.2 (Steel)

limited available GB-05-32
€ 7.50

MODIFY Cut Off Lever Ver.3 (Steel)

limited available GB-05-33
€ 7.50

G&G Cut off Lever for Ver. II Gearbox

limited available G-10-057
€ 8.40

ICS Cut-Off Lever V3

limited available MK-33
€ 8.75

ICS Cut-Off Lever V2

limited available MC-20
€ 8.95

G&G Cut off Lever for GR14

Available G-15-009
€ 11.70

G&G Cut off Lever for L85

limited available G-15-006
€ 11.70

G&G Selector Plate for PDW99

limited available G-15-013
€ 12.60