The Gears are located in the Gearbox. These provide the movement of the mechanism.
Gears are available in different types..
High Torque: High torque gears have a higher torque. This results in less power needed for the motor to pull the spring, at a cost of speed. This makes the system more efficient in its powerconsumption. Extreme High Torque gears often need special Half Teeth Pistons.
High Speed: High speed gears can achieve a high rate of fire. They are ment to achieve high revolutions, at costs of torque. These are often only suited for less powerfull springs.
Helical: Helical gears have angled teeth. This enables a larger contact surface. In general, this ensures a lower soundproduction. They are better suited for high speed and high power transfers. Shimming is very important with these gears.

ICS Tappet Plate Gear Cam

limited available MC-102
€ 5.50

MODIFY Stainless Nut for SMOOTH Gearset

limited available GB-03-26
€ 6.00

Classic Army bevel gear for blowback serie

limited available P410M
€ 9.4 € 6.50

Classic Army sector gear for blowback

limited available P412M
€ 24 € 12.50

Classic Army spur gear for blowback serie

limited available P411M
€ 26 € 12.50

Classic Army Spur Gear with C.A marking

limited available P211M
€ 24 € 12.50

ICS Spur Gear

Available MC-08
€ 12.50

ICS Sector Gear Half-Toothed

Available MC-09
€ 14.95

MODIFY Sector Gear V2/V3/Ver.6 (Torque/Speed)

limited available GB093300
€ 15.50

ICS Bevel Gear

Available MC-07
€ 16.50

G&G Reinforced Bevel Gear (10-tooth)

limited available G-10-081
€ 17.85

G&G Reinforced Bevel Gear (9-tooth)

limited available G-10-080
€ 17.85

MODIFY Sector Gear V2/V3/Ver.6 (Top Gear)

limited available GB093700
€ 18.95

ICS NO.1 Bevel Gear

limited available MC-218
€ 19.50

MODIFY Bevel Gear V2/V3/Ver.6

Available MDFY-V236-BEVEL

ICS Gear Set

Available MC-14
€ 26.50

G&G Bevel Gear Hyper Torque

limited available G-10-012-1
€ 27.30

MODIFY Gearset for V2/V3/Ver.6

Available MDFY-GEARSET-V236

G&G AEG Gear Set Original Torque

Available G-10-011
€ 48.30