Piston Heads

Pistonheads provide the seal of the cylinder.
This is what creates the airpressure.

Pistonheads come in different types
Aluminium/metal Piston Heads: These Piston Heads are very durable.
Due to the heavier weight, they result in more sound, but also more stress on the gearbox.

Plastic Piston Heads: These Piston Heads are more commonly used.
Lightweight, strong and will damage the cylinder less than metal. It will also spare the gearbox a bit more.

Silent Piston Heads: These special Piston Heads have a shaped soft head.
This type of head results in a slightly quieter, but notably a more softer piston blow.
This reduces stress on the gearbox, and will result in a softer sound.
Caution! you need specially adapted Cylinder Heads for this!

Bore Up Piston Heads: These Piston Heads are specifically made for Bore Up Cylinders and Bore Up Cylinder Heads.

Lonex Aluminum Mushroom-Type Piston Head

Available LO-GB-01-48
€ 19.35 € 11.14

MODIFY Polycarbonate Piston Head

Available GB-02-03
€ 12.00

MODIFY Aluminum Piston Head

Out of stock GB-02-01
€ 13.95

G&G AEG Piston Head for L85

Available G-10-045
€ 14.05

ICS 8 Holes Silent Piston Head

Available MC-121
€ 14.95