Clothing Size Charts

How do I check my measurements?
Below is noted how you can best measure your size. This way, you are certain of your size, which leads to an ideal fit!

Head: Measure the circumference of you head, from your forehead. Make sure you measure the widest part of your head.

Chest: Measure around your chest, under your arms, and across the shoulderblades. Keep the measuring tape tight and flat.

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline and let the measuring tape sit comfortably on its place. Measure on the smallest part, just above the pelvis. Do not measure your hips!

Inseam: Measure the top of the inside of your leg, to the botom of your ankle. Measure without shoes!

Length: Measure your total length. Check that you are standing up straight, feet next to each other, head straight forward and measure from the center of the top of your skull.

Please Note:  Measure over your underwear for a better result. Always measure without shoes!

Please Note!
Measuring correctly is very important! If in doubt, we advise to stick to the most common sizes!

               Please note, all measurements are in Centimeters!
Caps and Hats
Head Size
6 7/8
7 (S)
7 1/8
7 1/4 (M)
7 3/8
7 1/2 (L)
7 5/8
7 3/4 (XL)
               Please note, all measurements are in Centimeters!

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