(Sniper)Rifle Scopes & Red Dots info:
There are different aiming devices for your replica.
For different goals, there are different aiming devices you can use!
Electronic Sights: There are different type of electric aiming devices.
The most common is the Red Dot/Dot sight. If you look through the dot sight, you see an illuminated dot aimpoint.
This allows you to aim at your target quickly, without the need to allign two points, as you would with standard sights.
Some red dot/dot sights are fitted with more colors and/or different crosshairs.
Some red dots have a magnification for longer distances.

(Sniper)Rifle Scopes: (Sniper)Rifle Scopes are scopes with a certain magnification.
These scopes are often long, with a high magnification.
These scopes often have a degination in the form of a series of numbers. Example:
Strike Systems Scope, 3~9 x 50.

3~9 designates that this scope has a variable magnification from 3 to 9x.

50 designates the diameter in milimeters of the largest lens (objective lens).
The larger the lens, the more light input, and thus the more brighter the image.